Speaker Lowe
Mitch Lowe Cofounding Executive of Netflix, Former President & COO of Redbox
Mitch Lowe was one of the early pioneers in the movie rental industry, opening video rental stores in the early 1980s and building a chain of stores in Northern California called Video Droid. Mitch was active in the trade association representing that nascent industry and served on its national board as president. In the early-80s, Mitch tried to launch VHS video rental kiosks as well as a subscription-based website provider. In the late-90s, Mitch joined Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings at Netflix as the video industry expert. As VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Netflix’s first 5 years, and as a member of its core executive team, Mitch led many of the partnerships that drove new subscribers to join Netflix, such as its partnership with Best Buy and DVD manufacturers.
Mitch left Netflix in 2003 after a successful IPO and joined the business development team at McDonald’s Ventures to build a DVD vending machine business called Redbox. Mitch served as its COO and President for 8 years, growing the company from $36k in first-year revenue to over $1.5B in revenue 8 years later. Mitch left in late-2011 and began investing in startups in various spaces, eventually joining MoviePass as its President in 2016.